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OK Incure is a legal services company.

Our main activity is the provision of credit management services, purchase of receivables, out-of-court and judicial collection of debts in the territory of the Republic of Estonia.

We specialize in the collection of both business claims and consumer loans against individuals. The latter has become our main activity in recent years and we are constantly contributing to improving the quality and efficiency of the procedure in this area.

We have always set a goal to provide high-quality and efficient procedures according to the client’s needs and the specifics of debts, in order to ensure customer satisfaction in processing debt claims.


Accounts receivable management; our role in OK Incure

Processing company receivables with the aim to recover credit on time, ensuring compliance with companies credit policy, whilst eliminating the risk of ruining valuable external relationships with customers.

Outsourcing credit management from OK Incure aids customers to eliminate debts, reduced credit costs, develop competitive credit terms and extend more credit to creditworthy customers.

Our offering relieves our customers of the duty of occasionally unpleasant, constant repetitive reminders to debtors, while always echoing the sentiment ‘great customer service first’.

We use the most up to date accounts receivable management software solutions, which notify debtors automatically through electronic channels in real time, alerting our accounts receivable management advisors of any late payments, followed up by personal contact.

Key feature of our work is communication, you can be assured the most experienced professional staff will manage your account with empathy, using persuasive negotiation skills, resolving conflicts, developing strategies to work with customers to resolve their debts. All while upholding the quality standards and code of ethics of B2Holding.

At OK Incure we understand the local and global markets and advise our clients to be competitive and objective, with a clearly agreed structure to their credit policy.


Extrajudicial debt collection – debt recovery

When should you engage with a professional debt collection service?

  • Receipt of sales invoices is delayed &  the reasons for non-payment is unknown
  • Sending multiple reminders has rendered no results
  • Repeated promises are unfulfilled
  • Unexpected increase in the company’s receivables

If the debtor’s financial situation does not allow for payment at once, then OK Incure specialists will investigate and offer solutions for example, using culminate or phased payment agreements.

Collection procedure steps:

  • Repeat calls by telephone, letter and through electronic channels
  • Check and update residence and contact details
  • Negotiate solvency checks and reassessments
  • Conclude payment agreements and monitoring compliance with the agreement
  • Keep records of interest on arrears
  • Commence action to recover unpaid amounts promptly

OK Incure will process your claims on the principle “No result, no fee!”

Which means that we will calculate the fee for debt collection proceedings from the claim, only if the result of our proceedings has been successful and the claim has been received. When calculating collection costs and interest on arrears, we adhere to both Estonian and European legislation.

OK Incure advises our clients that the best time to send a customer to a credible debt collection agency is before their account reaches 90 days past due.


Judicial debt recovery and representation in enforcement proceedings

If the extra-judicial actions taken to recover the debt have not produced the expected result or if the debtor does not acknowledge the claim against him, the claim can then be brought to court.  The procedure of court proceedings is the initiation of an expedited order for payment procedure, however, this expedited procedure can only be used to recover debts up to the agreed limit.

As legal proceedings are a lengthy process for the claimant involving additional costs, the expediency of attending court must be seriously considered in advance.

OK Incure specialists will always check if this is the route to resolve the situation best suited for our clients.

However, as an alternative to court proceedings, out-of-court discussions by OK Incure may result in obtaining guarantees from the debtor or a third party. It is a satisfactory outcome to agree to use a mortgage, surety, guarantee or commercial pledge as collateral.

In the interest of all parties, OK Incure is always ready to enter into court agreements in order to avoid emotionally exhausting and time-consuming court proceedings, plus additional costs related to court proceedings for both debtor and creditor.

To do this, we strongly recommend to involve the best specialists at OK Incure as a third party, the collection procedure usually lasts until the debt is paid.

It is usually clear within a few months whether the problem will be resolved out of court or whether recourse to the courts should be considered.


International collection of debts

OK Incure in Europe

The B2Holding Group has over 2,500 employees in more than 20 countries across Europe, communicating online and offline with thousands of debtors every day via phone calls, letters, emails, E-chats and social media. Our highly trained staff are liaising between creditors and customers, managing overdue accounts, reaching out to customers to negotiate the best solution to collect payment of overdue bills, loans and other payments.

European leader in debt collection proceedings

B2Holding provides support to international banks and credit institutions in divesting their debt portfolios, along with providing debt collection services as a third party.  Our partners can trust the professional experience and best practices of B2Holding in the field of debt management across Europe.

Strong leadership

B2Holding is a market leader in debt collection, headed by a strong results driven management team, with valuable experience and vision in managing large domestic and international companies.  In 2020  B2Holding Group ranked 3rd place in Europe, our Northern European business alone amounts to approximately 30% of B2Holding’s entire portfolio, a considerable achievement.  B2Holding Group’s footprint in Northern Europe includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania and Estonia.

Representation across Europe

B2Holding has full operations in more than 20 European countries with expert advisers communicating in over 25 different national languages including English and Russian. The group is constantly evolving, administering financial technology (fintech) solutions and implementing expansion in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Cooperation with financial companies and institutes

B2Holding Group’s cooperation with banks and financial companies consists primarily of purchasing debt portfolios and collecting debts as a third party. Both secured and unsecured contracted, high-risk and non-performing assets are acquired. The main areas of service provision are reminder notifications, customer negotiations and timely debt collection.

Competitive advantage

B2Holding’s business model is based on offering the best, flexible and most efficient solutions tailored to the individual needs of its customers. The group cares about the highest work standards, best practice and quality of service provided to all business partners and customers. As a result, B2Holding has created a lasting competitive advantage and the group has become a leader in European debt collection.

B2Holding strives to ensure that the service it provides is of the highest quality, with the best resources made available to support our customers. For this reason, B2Holding has set out clear principles in its code of conduct that support and streamlines it’s day-to-day operations.

B2Holding takes great care in recruiting the very best financial advisers.

Training and developing staff to ensure excellent customer service for all our customers, banks and institutions.

OK Incure on the world map

OK Incure is a shareholder in the group of debt collectors; TCM Group International Ltd, this means OK Incure has the exclusive right of representation in the collection of intra-group debt claims in the Republic of Estonia. It is our status as a shareholder that gives our clients the best opportunities to conduct faster and more cost effective debt proceedings abroad. TCM Group International is one of the world’s leading debt collection organizations.

Through OK Incure, debt collection assistance is available in more than 135 foreign countries, covering your needs worldwide.

TCM Group is a unique international alliance of collection agencies and legal services companies in different countries, which ensures our clients have a positive advantage in regional and international debt proceedings.

TCM Group is represented in more than 135 countries and economic regions around the world, which gives the TCM Group a unique ability to offer debt management services to clients operating globally, offering swift and efficient outcomes to complex and challenging solutions.

The service works on the principle of “No Win, No Fee”.

All partner companies belonging to the TCM Group are well-known and leading companies in their respective fields of debt proceedings, and rely not only on the TCM Group global code of ethics but also on territorial  law and regulations, providing quality and reliable service to customers.

As part of our quality control system, carefully selected partner companies who join the TCM Group go through a concise monitoring process.

Both agents and members have a contractual relationship after joining  the TCM Group, and undertake to adhere to strict operating standards.

Our rigorous selection process favors credible international debt collection agencies, as their experience in the field of international debt recovery contributes to a very high level of expertise and service that is not usually available in local agencies.


Purchase of receivables and acquisition of NPL debt portfolios

OK Incure is a reputable and experienced purchaser of debt claims and portfolios valued by trustworthy international financial institutions. Most licensed creditors and credit intermediaries assign their claims under consumer credit agreements to collection companies for an industry approved set fee. OK Incure purchases such debt portfolios in Estonia and across Europe from leading credit institutions, lenders and credit intermediaries. With an agreed fixed-term contract, OK Incure offers security at an approved set fee to remove concluded weaker borrowers contracts from the assigned agreement during the terms of the contract.

As a preferred trading partner, we carefully follow our developed service standards plus the code of ethics set by B2Holding Group, so as not to damage the relationship between creditors and consumers, and maintain confidence in financial markets.

Upon the sale of receivables, all rights and obligations of the creditor are transferred to OK Incure, meaning after the assigned agreement of the receivable is handed over, the financial institution loses its connection with the debtor and the unpaid receivable articles.


Representation in bankruptcy proceeding

If an Estonian/European company or individual goes bankrupt, defaults on its financial obligations or has shown reasonable doubt in their ability to pay, it is possible to file a lawsuit against the debtor or file for a bankruptcy petition.  This bankruptcy procedure can be executed by the court through a trustee or to avoid litigation, though OK Incure’s profession representation team, who ideally can reach an agreement with the debtor. However, if this does not work, it is worth considering proof of the debtor’s insolvency before filing for a costly bankruptcy lawsuit, OK Incure can undertake this bankruptcy assessment as part of our service.

OK Incure’s bankruptcy assessment service includes checking public sources and credit information registers, to investigate the precise financial standing of the company or individual. Obtain confirmation from the debtor as to  the amount of the debt due. Compile and review all available key documents, records, deeds, claims, invoices and sensitive evidence.

Generate an accounting statement, file all correspondence between the parties to prove the financial and contractual agreements including the existence of the undertaking of the credit arrangement. Furnish all information in a timely manner.


Return of assets

OK Incure’s asset return technique assists leasing and financing companies realize the return of pledged assets in a timely manner.

OK Incure assists companies withdraw from contracts, in particular those due to non payment of purchase price of goods, plus sales reservations ownership contracts, or other similar financial contracts.

The efficiencies provided by OK Incure are real because we employ only professional debt collectors. These debt collectors are trained to know the most effective and efficient ways to work with claims.  OK Incure’s success rates are typically much higher than in-house collectors.

Contact OK Incure  today for a free consultation.

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