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About us

OK Incure is one of the leading debt management companies in Estonia, we belong to the B2 Impact Group.

From the very beginning of the cooperation, we pay attention to identifying the customer’s needs. We are focused on creating positive customer relationships, with a focus on long-term relationships and further development of cooperation. Companies value the existence of a debt collection service framework agreement so that at any time it is possible to involve a collection partner who is well acquainted with the company’s own business or field of activity and who can be trusted by customers who are in difficulty. The demand for debt management support can also be temporary, and sometimes debt collection is really fast, it is important not to waste time when looking for and evaluating a good partner.

Joining the group has given OK Incure access to new markets in Europe and brought us fresh ideas and technological solutions that allow us to offer the best service to both local and cross-border customers. When processing claims, we use methods that work and whose operation has been tested and confirmed at the group level, taking into account the peculiarities of the local market.

B2 Impact Group is one of the leaders in the European debt procedure market. Through the group’s companies, we are represented in more than 20 European countries.

European leader on the debt market

B2 Impact supports banks and institutions in the field of debt solutions. Suppliers and business partners can rely on the Group’s extensive experience of the industry and the Group’s constant striving to nurture ‘best practice’.

Strong management team

B2 Impact is managed by a strong management team consisting of people with many years of experience in large companies and is a market leader in the debt management sector in Scandinavia.

Valued in Europe

The Group conducts comprehensive operations in over than 20 European markets and, additionally, has offices in 3 countries. B2 Impact is constantly developing and has further development plans, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe.

Co-operation with financial companies

B2 Impact’s co-operation consists primarily in the purchase of past, due debt portfolios and debt servicing. The companies from the Group buy both retail and business receivables – e.g. corporate and mortgage claims.

Competitive advantage

The business model of B2 Impact is based on providing the best, flexible and efficient solutions tailored to the individual needs of customers. The Group cares about the highest standards of operation and about the quality of the services rendered to all Business Partners and Customers. Thanks to this, B2 Impact has built up a lasting, competitive advantage and has become a leading European debt specialist.

The B2 Impact Group strives to ensure that the services it offers are of the highest quality and guarantee the best service and assistance for those in debt. For this reason, in its Code of Conduct, it has set out clear principles that support day-to-day operations and of being a responsible employer, a reliable corporation and a Company that supports the clients of banks and other financial institutions.

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    Marienthali Keskus (5. floor)
    Mustamäe tee 16, 10617
    PHONE: +372 675 5820
    EMAIL: mail @ okincure.ee
    Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00
    Registry code: 11542046
    Tallinn, ESTONIA