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About us

OK Incure is part of an international network of collection experts. Our main activities include accounts receivable management, purchase of receivables, extrajudicial and judicial collection of debts in the territory of the Republic of Estonia (EU).

OK Incure is a subsidiary of the Finnish collection company OK Perintä Oy.

Together with our parent company, we belong to the rapidly developing B2Holding financial group, which is headquartered in Oslo and has expanded into more than 20 countries in Scandinavia and Europe since 2013. In addition B2Holding Group has offices in Austria and Luxembourg.

The most knowledgeable and experienced specialists in our team have worked in the Estonian debt collection market since 1997. Through our long-term experience of working in this field, we have acquired a reputation of successfully collecting outstanding debts. Our collection strategies are amicable and legal, we adopt a multilevel approach to our collection process depending on the type of debt.

Each client is unique and approached in a suitable manner using our network’s best practice policy.

OK Incure’s amicable and legal debt collection procedures saves our clients time and money, while maximizing our resources through our international and European network of partner agencies.

OK Incure is established in serving both domestic and foreign as well as business and private clients, your business is in good hands.

Why to choose OK Incure to your partner?

  1. 1
    Long experience in the field
  2. 2
    Best solution for everybody
  3. 3
    Stable staff
  4. 4
    Reliable partner
  5. 5
    Online services
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    International competency

Our area of activity

We are specialized in the collection of both business claims and consumer loans against individuals. The latter has become our main activity in recent years and we are constantly contributing to improving the quality and efficiency of the procedure in this area. We have always set the goal of providing high-quality and efficient procedures according to the client’s needs and the specifics of debts, in order to ensure customer satisfaction in processing debt claims.

OK Incure is a reputable and experienced buyer of debt claims valued by financial institutions. Most licensed creditors and credit intermediaries assign their claims under consumer credit agreements to a collection company for a fee. We have purchased debt portfolios in Estonia and Europe from leading banks and credit institutions. With a fixed-term contract, we offer security at a suitable price to get rid of the contracts concluded with weaker borrowers during the term of the assignment agreement.

As a trading partner, we carefully follow the service standard we have developed and the B2Holding Group Code of Conduct, so as not to damage the relationship between creditors and consumers, in order to maintain trust in financial market participants.

Proven Methodology

We use methodologies and practices that have proven themselves over a long period of time.

Valuable Ideas

You will receive simple but valuable tips on how to work with a customer who is in payment difficulties.

Excellent Timing

Debt resolution often depends on consistency and timing.

Budget Friendly

Our service is for the customer at no additional cost and the fee depends on the results obtained.

Feedback and advice from OK Incure is valuable.

Cooperation between the client and the collection company is often lacking due to poor feedback. To avoid this, OK Incurel has a reliable customer manager for the client, who is always available as a contact person, with whom he can meet in the planning or further development phase of the cooperation, who provides feedback on the procedures and advises the client.

We support the creation of integrated solutions and well-thought-out ongoing cooperation. We are flexible and always available for our customers. A general overview of the procedures and billing reports is also available at any time via the OK-Online customer web.

Ave Kukk – Head of Procedure

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    Marienthali Keskus (5. floor)
    Mustamäe tee 16, 10617
    PHONE: +372 675 5820
    EMAIL: mail @ okincure.ee
    Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00
    Registry code: 11542046
    Tallinn, ESTONIA