Code of Conduct

The B2Holding Group enjoys an invaluable reputation built on a successful history as a solution oriented player within the debt collection industry. We are recognised for respecting our customers, debtors and vendors through showing honesty and fairness as fundamentals in our way of doing business.

The Code of Conduct supports the fundamental principles of B2Holding aiming at  building and sustaining long-term relations with all stakeholders by maintaining our high ethical standards in every decision made by you every single day.

By following the B2Holding Group’s Code of Conduct in our daily work, you will contribute to our business is conducted in a responsible and sustainable way.

If in doubt, seek advice from your manager or compliance function where you work. They have a broad network within the group as well as with the Group Management level that will assist you.

Erik Just Johnsen
CEO of B2Holding

1. What we believe in?

The B2Holding Group is dedicated to being a preferred creditor for customer/debtors helping them back on track, being a preferred and responsible employer, a reliable corporate citizen and a preferred successor of banks’ customers.

2. Following the rules

The B2Holding Group shall comply with the laws, regulations and applicable business standards in each country where we operate.

3. Common rules in all countries

The Code describes the minimum level of approved behaviour, even if it stipulates higher standards than required by local law. In case local law is stricter than the Code, however, local law shall prevail.

4. Fairness with all partners

The B2Holding Group will, at all times, act with respect, openness and stay committed to exercising fairness in all dealings with business partners and stakeholders.

5. The Group's interests come first

In B2Holding, business decisions are based on the best interests of the B2Holding Group, without regard to personal benefit, relationships or considerations. You must never use your association with B2Holding for personal gain.

6. Zero tolerance with bribery or corruption

We act honestly and without corrupt influences. We expect the same from third parties serving B2Holding. We do not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption.

7. No illegal benefits or rewards

B2Holding shall not offer rewards or benefits, whether directly or through intermediaries, to any business party or stakeholder, which is in violation with applicable laws.

8. We maintain objectivity

Likewise, employees must not accept gifts, benefits, reimbursements or entertainment, whether directly or through intermediaries, that could affect the objectivity and professional judgement of the employee.

9. Abuse of power in business

The abuse of position, as a professional market participant, affects the confidence in the capital markets and has serious consequences for the B2Holding Group and any employees involved. The requirement of integrity, ethical and fair practices also applies in the battle for market share. We comply with the rules governing market behavior that are expected at an international level.

10. Relationship with authorities

B2Holding is committed to being fair, accurate and timely in all communication. We pledge to ensure that our relationships with all relevant supervisory authorities are open, trustful, transparent and cooperative.

11. Reporting and “no surprise” policy

Accounting records must show the nature of all transactions in a correct, timely and non-misleading manner. We practice openness in all reporting to comply with our no-surprise policy.

12. Strict neutrality

In B2Holding we observe strict neutrality with regard to political and religious interests. Neither the names nor resources of B2Holding shall be used to promote such interests.

13. Protect customer and business data

Information about the B2Holding Group is confidential and must not be passed on to any unauthorised person. This also includes family members. The B2Holding Group is obliged to treat customer/debtor information strictly confidential. We do not pass on any customer data to third parties and we comply with applicable regulations protecting customer data.

14. Our Ethical standards

B2Holding is built on our investors’ fundamental values expressed through our ethical standards that every employee observe every day when we perform our work and business. Further, mutual understanding and belonging for all employees in a friendly and respectful work environment ensures the best possible and accurate service to all stakeholders. All employees, regardless of position, shall treat each other with respect as colleagues and avoid any kind of discriminatory behavior or harassment.

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