Collection in Finland

Debt collection in Finland

Through OK Incure’s professional service, it’s easy for Estonian companies and individuals to obtain information on the creditworthiness of Finnish registered companies, or individuals residing in Finland.

In Finland OK Incure’s cooperation partner is our parent company OK Perintä Oy. OK Perintä is founded in 1991 and for over 25 years has been developing processes to be best suited for our customers’ fields. OK Perintä has also always customized collection processes with the client in order to enable the best possible result. OK Perintä serves their customers in Finnish, Swedish and English. OK Perintä has a long established credible record in providing accounts receivable management and debt collection services in Finland. The company has offices in Helsinki, Tampere and Vaasa. In terms of market share, OK Perintä is among the TOP 3 collection companies in Finland.

Our service explained:

If the debtor does not pay an invoice or a debt, he or she may receive a payment default notice from the Asiakastieto credit information register (luottotietorekisteri), which will result in future problems.

Lenders and banks, as well as other counterparties often check credit records from credit registers. If you have a default note you may not receive a rental apartment, bank loan or a credit card. Employers too can only assume that an employee has no significant history of default when hiring.

We facilitate the collection of debts both outside of and through the court system, we also represent creditors in enforcement proceedings. When a debt is recovered in Finland, it can be conditionally divided into two: disputed debts and uncontested debts. Once the debt relationship has reached a stage where it is no longer possible to reach an agreement (endless promises to pay the debt, avoiding contact etc.), the creditor has no choice but to go to court to protect his or her rights. In comparison to Estonia, the debt collection process in Finland is slightly slower. This is because the Estonian digital signature solution is not currently accepted in Finland, thus ordinary mail is often used to send and receive signed documents. At the same time it’s a positive fact that the state fee is fixed and relatively small. Also due to the graduated income tax system the claimant is able to receive a debtor’s income tax refund to cover their debt.

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