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TCM GROUP is a leading international debt proceedings company

Are you looking for an international debt collection network that can collect your foreign debts efficiently and cost-effectively? Then partner with TCM Group today, the world’s premier global debt collection network.

TCM Group is unique in that it has assembled together an expert alliance of collection agencies and legal services from around the world.

This means our customers receive the best and most effective, timely service in local and international debt collection proceedings.  A real benefit as TCM Group then becomes your local onsite representative in more than 167 offices in 145 countries and economic regions, saving our customers time and money in outsourcing, localisation, translation and culturally complex business negotiations. TCM group offers fast and effective solutions to challenging situations. We have experience in almost all business areas. With over 25 years of experience in global credit management and debt recovery, we are proud to having the worlds known international companies as our clients.

As part of our quality control system, carefully selected partner companies who join the TCM Group go through a concise monitoring process. Both agents and members have a contractual relationship after joining  the TCM Group, and undertake to adhere to strict operating standards. Our rigorous selection process favors credible international debt collection agencies, as their experience in the field of international debt recovery contributes to a very high level of expertise and service that is not usually available in local agencies.

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Money knows no borders –

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Fair price

We know the fair value of debt collection – the value of maintaining our excellence and professional reputation and keeping in mind your business relationships. For more than 30 years, we have been pioneers in debt collection – towards a friendly but firm approach, changing the debtor’s willingness to pay.


We bring together carefully selected and competent credit management specialists and debt collection agents into the TCM Group network. Best practices are concentrated by learning from each other and collaborating with each other.


Since the founding of the TCM Group in 1987, it has been important to stand up for quality in every international debt collection process, from ordering services and managing debtor contacts to out-of-court or judicial settlement and debt collection through secure electronic funds transfers, which have always moved between partners.

TCM Group’s preferred partner is OK Incure

Since 2006 OK Incure has partnered with the debt collection leader TCM Group International.

Previous to this OK Incure was part of the preferred agent portfolio of companies for three years, gaining credibility and experience to be part of a leading international group of trusted debt collection companies.

Following on from this OK Incure  became eligible to receive shareholder status14 years ago, and was granted exclusive rights of representation in the collection of intra-group debt claims in the Republic of Estonia.

Through OK Incure’s professional debt collection specialist service, any Estonian company or individual can receive assistance in collecting cross-border debts in more than 135 foreign countries.

OK Incure supports your needs both in Europe and in the foremost economic and international trade regions around the world, offering clients the best opportunity to conduct faster and more cost effective debt proceedings.

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